Position Email Phone Name
Researcher +972778872381 Prof. Yoram Shiftan
Researcher +972778872460 Prof. Shlomo Bekhor
Researcher +972778873080  Prof. Tomer Toledo
Head of Institute and Researcher +972778871742 Associate Prof. Jack Haddad
Researcher +972778872956 Dr. Ayelet Galtzur
Research Team +972778872581 Barak Sontag
Research Team +972778872376 Ebtihal Shety
Research Team +972778872376 Yana Barsky
Program Engineer +972778872374 Nina Zarchin
Civil Engineer +972778872374 Ilya Finkelberg
Research Team +972778872954 Oded Komer
Research Team +972778872375 Chen Shechter- Elbaz
Researcher +972778872375 Jimmy Ada
Researcher +972778872384 Chagai Lifshitz
Researcher +972-778875132 Dr. Victoria Gitelman
Researcher +972-778873161 Tchiya Alon
Researcher +972-778875136 Smadar Amir
Researcher +972-778875136 Katy Nahmadi
Researcher +972-778875135 Eran Reuveni
Researcher +972-778873812 Fabien Israel
Researcher +972-778873053 Omar Mansour
Administrative Assistant +972778872373  Evelyne Ami
Researcher Prof. Emeritus Jacob Uzan
Researcher Prof. Emeritus Avishai Ceder
Researcher Prof. Ilan Ishai (retired)
Researcher +972778873122 Associate Prof. Shalom Hakkert (retired)
Researcher Associate Prof. David Mahalel(retired)