AVIVIM is a Traffic Management and Control System of the municipality of Tel-Aviv.  Avivim follows the classical approach of a management layer and an operational layer.


Research focusing in decision support traffic management methodologies is being conducted in TMRC since 1994, funded by the municipality of Tel Aviv, with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Transport.  One of the main outcomes of this research is the development of the two systems composing the management layer of AVIVIM, EYAL and INSYTE:


  • INSYTE (INtelligent SYstem for Traffic Evaluation) is a traffic-monitoring and analysis tool. INSYTE addresses two time horizons:


o    Continuous real-time monitoring of the quality of the traffic flow, based on several self-developed algorithms.

o    Historical analysis is used for identifying changes and trends in mobility patterns.  The analysis is based on methodologies developed for quantifying congestion irregularity (through the development of irregularity index) and for identifying congestion stability.



  • EYAL is a traffic management decision-support system. The system includes decision support procedures for traffic engineers, traffic analyzers and control centre operators. The system has two main tasks:


o    Once a deviation from the expected performance indicators for a road user is detected, the system supplies a list of alternative signal programs for improving the level of performance level this road user. On top of a decision support process suitable for conventional networks, a process dedicated for arterials in which PT priority us implemented.

o    Improving the arsenal of traffic management strategies is accomplished by analyzing the traffic management measures taken and their success.  These methodologies are designed to identify recurrent patterns in signal-program selection, as well as other measures taken by the users of the system, and serve as a basis for expanding the traffic management strategies library.


The ongoing research in this area continuous to address the ever-growing mobility needs of transit users, private vehicle users, bicycle riders and pedestrians, and is reflected in new methodologies incorporated into AVIVIM.

The municipality of Tel Aviv has chosen to present AVIVIM as the municipal state-of-the-art system in several benchmarking projects such as the one conducted by TFL. As a result of the success of the implementation of AVIVIM in Tel Aviv, it was adopted by the municipality of Haifa in 2006.   AVIVIM was also chosen by the Israeli Ministry of Transport to serve as the main Traffic Management System in the wider Tel Aviv – metropolitan Traffic Management Centre.