Road Safety

In the area of road safety, research activity started within the framework of the Road Safety Center, which was founded in 1966 in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and is now incorporated into the TRI. This activity includes, among other subjects: acquisition and organization of data on road safety in Israel and worldwide; analysis of accident parameters in Israel and their comparison with input from abroad, in order to identify causes of accidents and to find ways of enhancing safety; participation in public committees and provision of consultation to volunteer organizations and others in the field of road safety; initiation and performance of research in the area of road safety.This research work includes such topics as:

  • Information Systems
  • Data Mining
  • Characteristics of transport and infrastructure in urban areas, including means to protect pedestrians
  • Characteristics of transport and infrastructure on interurban roads, including the effects of traffic speed and drivers’ behavior on different parts of roads, especially near problematic locations
  • The users of roads and their associated systems;
  • Restraining systems for passengers


Some of the results of various projects on safety have been applied to areas such as road illumination; crash barriers on highways; two-level crossings for pedestrians; advanced traffic lights at dangerous intersections; programs for driver education; treatment of young drivers, old drivers and pedestrians; and mitigation of roadside hazards in general.